Prakash Garud
Arts Collaboration | 14-07-1997 - 15-07-1997 | Completed

Prakash Garud, a member of the Garud Natya Sangh, proposed a collaboration between persons from contemporary Kannada theatre, and a representative of the leather shadow puppet tradition, Togalubombe, from Gadag. The proposed collaboration aimed to examine how the dying form could be popularised for schoolchildren.

Subsequent to a site visit by programme staff, the advisory panel felt that the artistic dimensions and conceptual basis of Mr. Garud's proposal had not been fully elaborated. Partly because of discussions held during the site visit, Mr Garud’s thinking about the project had undergone an evolution. He had now decided to focus on neglected folk instruments and not use a synthesizer and other modern instruments to create the music; he was considering adapting versions of stories told by children to develop scripts for shadow plays; and his ideas about the use of lights in the proposed productions were in a state of flux.

In conclusion, the following suggestions were made to Mr Garud: that he give himself the flexibility to draw upon whatever expertise he may find useful as the project develops; that he consider extending the time-frame for the project; and that he consider staggering his production plans to allow for self-reflection and outside critique to feed into subsequent stages of the project.

While Mr Garud could eloquently voice his concerns and interest in the project in halting but fluent English, he was not capable of writing this up with the same flavour, highlighting and describing his work in a way that drew attention to its significant and relevance. Accordingly, Mr Garud was requested to submit the final proposal in Kannada. The original and a translation were sent to the panel members who visited Mr Garud. One member responded to the final proposal, expressing confidence in the project while also reiterating its timeliness and important to collaborative endeavour in the arts and education.


Prakash Garud, actor, Dharwad

Dharmendra Kumar H.K., lighting designer and actor, Tiptur

Achutha Kumar H.K., set designer and actor, Tiptur

K.D.Kurtkoti, script writer, Srinagar

Sunanda Gurav, visual artist, Bangalore

Verupaxappa Xatri, shadow puppeteer, Gadag

Laxmi A.Kabberahalli, visual artist, Dharwad

Gajanana V.Hegde, musician, Honnavar

Nataraj Honnavalli, script writer; and Rajani Garud, actor and teacher, Dharwad

This description is part of the institutional records created by IFA at the onset of the grant. The project may have changed in due course as reflected in the deliverables from the Grantee.

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Project/Grant No : 1997-0-001

Project Coordinator/Grantee Name : Prakash Garud

Programme : Arts Collaboration

Status : Completed

Start Date : 14-07-1997

End Date : 15-07-1997

Duration : One year

Project/Grant Amount : 5,00,000

Geographical Area of Work : Karnataka

Disciplinary Field of Work : Interdisciplinary, Puppetry

Language : Kannada