Special Grants | 31-03-2009 - 31-03-2010 | Completed

A grant was made to INTACH Kolkata in 2007 to prepare an inventory and survey the condition of all the valuable paintings and prints of modern Bengali artists in the collection of the state-run Rajya Charukala Parishad. This project was completed in early 2008 and included photographic documentation of each artwork with details of theartist, title, medium, size and date. It was revealed that there were as many as 273 Jamini Roy paintings in this collection which had not been accessible to the public. This grant supports the textual compilation and graphic and layout design of a monograph on Jamini Roy. This process is expected to take nine to ten months. During this period, INTACH will identify a publisher for the printing and distribution of the monograph.

On the recommendation of the well-known art historian, Prof. Tapati Guha Thakurta, Dr Sanjay Mallik of Vishwa Bharati, Santiniketan has been identified as the editor of the monograph. So as to make the monograph visually dynamic, it will include images of almost all the Jamini Roy. The most significant images will be given ample space and placed alongside the text. Others may be as small as thumbnails, either inserted within the text of the monograph or form part of a visual list at the end of the book. Dr Mallik will select images for full colour printing and for thumbnail size printing and will write the text alongside each image. He will also provide fresh inputs on the significance of the paintings in the collection, highlighting the most fascinating Jamini Roy's- some of which have been seen very rarely. Prof. Tapati Guha-Thakurta will write the foreword for the monograph.

As Dr Mallik rightly points out, "Art-historically speaking, this collection includes some of the most unusual and non conventional pictures (besides the iconic ones as well) that need to be brought to light between two covers of a single publication so that one gets to see the range of images that the name Jamini Roy actually stands for-not only the oft-reproduced ‘famous' ones only."

After the completion of this phase of work, INTACH is expected to reapply for the third and final phase of this project the conceptualisation of a permanent exhibition of paintings from the collection, which will be displayed in the gallery spaces of the Rajya Charukala Parishad.

This description is part of the institutional records created by IFA at the onset of the grant. The project may have changed in due course as reflected in the deliverables from the Grantee.



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Grant No : 2008-1-024

Grantee Name : Intach

Programme : Special Grants

Grant Status : Completed

Start Date : 31-03-2009

End Date : 31-03-2010

Duration : One year

Grant Amount : 300,000

Geographical Area of Work :

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